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Planning Your Birthday the Crazy Way

Crazy Birthdays is a birthday event planning enterprise that consists of a team of young entrepreneurs. Their mission is to create a memorable crazy birthday event for their clients without crossing the limit of their client’s budget. They have numerous packages depending on the needs of each client. Their services includes:


1. Balloon Decoration

They offer balloon decoration services for the venue of the birthday event. The sight of balloons is one of the favorite things that delights a child.They use several types of balloons to decorate the home which includes Ballon Arches, Ballon Pillars among others. They have a variety of methods with which they can modify the balloon decoration to create different types of effects.

2. Fun Eatables

Another unique offering from crazy birthdays is fun eatables. Fun Eatables are specially produced food that looks pleasing to the eyes and tastes good in the mouth. They Always make available various options of flavoring sweet corn to suit the taste of all age groups. Others include a chocolate fountain, popcorn and potato chips, cotton candy among others. Aside snacks, they would also provide the main menu for the party as well as desserts and birthday cake. Birthday parties are always different from the usual when experts organize it.

3. Media Services

They also offer incredible media services which include photos and videos. The memories of your birthday are the most important part of the event. One of the advantages of having them organize your birthday parties is that they ensure that you have a perfect memory of the event by producing clear and high-quality photographs and videos. They also provide instant photography for the benefit of your guests who may not have the opportunity to return for their share of the photographs.

4. Fun Activities

Another benefit you get from them is that they spice up your birthday parties with fun activities. This includes card games, board games and family games, hide and seek, treasure hunt, indoor bowling, musical chairs among others.


Crazy Birthdays also makes arrangement for artists who will thrill the guests at your birthday parties. These includes face painting artists, hair braiding artist, Mehandi Artists, Tattoo Artists among others.

6. Cakes and Chocolate

Cakes are the central idea of every party. There is no birthday party without a birthday cake. They have a variety of ways to prepare birthday cakes to suit individual needs and demands of each celebrant.

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