How you win by always having that Special Gift for her


There is a phenomenon known as the stingy man syndrome. Relationship experts describe this as the natural urge to scrub out the art of giving in their relationships. Men with this syndrome end up rolling from one relationship to another or from one marriage to the next. In reality, they are not blessed with the gift of adoration and neither do they ever get the natural push to get that special gift for her.

The apple of her eye

22,mnkjjgioIt takes more than mere words to transform you into your woman’s eye candy. Women like to be pleased. They bask in the joy of being served and furnished with gifts as this arouses their sensitivity and opens them up to love. Having that special gift for makes her feel like you understand her special needs even before she spells them out. A gift a day, therefore, keeps her fears at bay and gives her the urge to look forward to that precise moment when you walk in through the door carrying the day’s surprise.

Gifts have a way of wiring a woman’s mind in your favor. Psychologists note that this is because they always have something that sparks special memories of you at each turn if you buy her gifts frequently. The chances are that a woman who receives special gifts from her man thinks of her man more times a day than the one who doesn’t. It would probably be the same for you if your favorite cufflinks, shoes, wallet or key holder were from your woman. It follows that you should learn the skill of buying her ordinary things with extraordinary meanings.

Gift selection

You don’t have to go broke each time you get her a gift. As a matter of fact, the best gifts are those that don’t hurt in any way. This means that they are often simple things. Hypothetically speaking, they should feel like the legendary love message in a bottle. Let her aroma remind her of you by getting her that body deodorant with exotic extracts. Whenever she is in a celebratory mood, let the wine she chooses to have been from that special bottle that bought her on your business trip to the distant lands.

The gift you choose to get her should bring out your attentiveness toward her. Consequently, you should observe her conceive an idea of what she desires. It could be a pair of shades, shoes or bracelets that she always comments about when watching her favorite music video. Let the gift carry meaning by making it something that she needs in her day-to-day life.

33kjioehgiA workbook manual that’s associated with her professional line of work can, for instance, translate into her daily religious scriptures. When it comes to books, by the way, remember to sign them off as a way of leaving your footprint on that special gift for her. As an ardent gift buyer, you’re likely to experience fewer bottlenecks in your relationship since gifts don’t only help you to understand your partner; they rivet your souls together and steam your love into an unbreakable gem with the ability to rewrite the art of love.

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