The Working Of The Water Softeners

Sometimes people forget to consume water because they do not remember how water is important in their lives. Water is essential in our body as it is used during digestion so that you don’t get constipation. And this is possible if only you drink soft water, not hard water. Unlike many other tools, water will not give you a manual that will instruct you if it’s hard water or not.  Hard water is so harmful to our body because of the toxic mineral that’s why you need a water softener to make the water to become soft water. For you to get the best out of the water softener, then you need to have an idea of how it works. You can read this article for more information on the water softeners.  Below is a brief explanation of the working principle behind water softener.

The problem

hghghghghghWater picks up soluble bits of mineral that make up the hard water when it’s on the ground. The mineral in the hard water will cause the water to be contaminated and it will be unsafe to drink. In other words, the water contains minerals found in the earth like calcium and magnesium which affect the ability of the water to work in our home making it hard. One of the effects of this hard water is when washing anything, like clothes and dishes, spots will be the left on each and every wash due to the insoluble soap deposits.

The fix

To change the hard water into soft water the calcium and magnesium you have to get rid of them. The water softener will have the same operating principle, and that is the fix. The fix will replace magnesium and calcium with sodium and this process in known as ion exchange. A water softener has a heart that is known as the mineral tank which has small polystyrene beads that carry the negative charge. Hard water enters into the mineral tank making the calcium and magnesium to be attracted to the beads thus replacing them with sodium ions.

The brains

hghghghghghbvbvThe brain in the water softener is the automatic regenerating system. Most water softeners have an electric timer that will serve the purpose of flushing and recharge the automatic regenerating system on a regular basis. This system has so many advantages one being, that you don’t have to use excess electricity because you only charge when necessary. The best thing is that the water softener is equipped with two mineral tanks. The main purpose of the two tanks is that water will always be available.

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